Repton Resource Page
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Repton designed by: Tim Tyler
Website written and designed by: Gerald Holdsworth with help & advice from Richard Hanson and Michael S. Repton

All maps extracted from the original game data using the Repton Map Display and Repton Map Decoder applications, written by Gerald Holdsworth

Repton programmers
Repton and Repton 2 (BBC/Electron): Tim Tyler
Repton (Atom): Kees Van Oss
Repton and Repton 2 (Spectrum): Gil Johnson-Smith
Repton 1 and 2 (PC): David Bratton
iRepton: Pierre Zeeman
Repton 3 (BBC/Electron): Matthew Atkinson
Repton 1, 2 and 3 (Archimedes): John Wallace
Repton 3 (Spectrum): Matthew Atkinson? and Bill Percy?
Repton 3 (C64): Richard Kay
Repton 3 (PC): Darren Izzard, Dewi Williams and Sam Skivington
Repton 3 (PC): Harry Wood
Desktop Repton (RISC OS): Darren Salt
Repton Infinity (BBC/Electron): Dave Lawrence and Dave Acton
EGO: Repton 4 (RISC OS): Gary Partis
Repton: The Lost Realms (BBC/Electron): Paras Sidapara and Tom Walker
Bonecruncher (Commodore 64): Andreas Kemnitz
Bonecruncher (BBC/Electron): Martyn Howard
Bonecruncher (Commodore Amiga): Andreas Staerkert
Ripton: Kenton Price

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Repton Resource Page © 2009-2020 and written by Gerald Holdsworth with help and advice from Richard Hanson.
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